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THEdu Academy HK

THE Education Academy Group Limited (THEdu Academy) was established in 2017 and it now becomes one of the fast-growing academic center for international curricula, including IB, IAL, IGCSE, SAT, ACT, AP, and Junior Enrichment.

Our founder, Akis Cheung, founded the academy with one single mission: nurturing achievers around the world, regardless of your abilities, race, religion, etc. He always believes in the three fundamental elements when it comes to education:



Every single economy evolves quickly because of disruptive technologies. It is essential to learn different technologies and relevant skills to cope with the fast changing world.



It is surprising that people focus on technologies so much that they often forget the fundamental values of humanities. We, as global achievers, should make good use of our abilities to help the world a better place.



We should appreciate what the environment empowers us, and we should always remember to contribute to the environment – not only to the nature, but also to the society.

While we are working hard to improve our grades, we should hold the values of “THE”!

Why THEdu?

Diverse & Dedicated Team of Tutors

Each THEdu Educator has at least 5 years of experience, or a minimum of 8000+ teaching hours, to date.

Results-Oriented & Time-Efficient Studies

There are no stupid students, just ineffective way to study. Let’s focus on finding the right techniques to enhance your academic performance.

Online to Offline Support Options

Through digital & face-to-face interactions, we educate students, help them keep track of their goals, and keep their parents in the loop with constructive feedback.

Media Coverage

Interview with Akis, Founder of THEdu Academy

[PODCAST] An extraordinary, ‘no bs’ interview with Akis, invited to share his thoughts as a young educator, and THEdu mission. thehongkies_show. [Cantonese]