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Everything You Need to Know About US College Admissions Tests

Presented by Apply Ivy

DATE: Saturday, June 4, 2022
TIME: 10AM – 11AM HK time
SPEAKER: Gerry Chu, Director of Apply Ivy
and Erica Sin, Director of Tutoring of ArborBridge

Due to the pandemic, university admissions policies have shifted dramatically, with standardized testing likely to remain optional for most US universities.

Should students still go ahead and prepare for the standardized tests? What are alternative options? What about the new Digital SATs? What has changed and how will that impact international families? What does this mean for applicants who will be applying in the upcoming years?

We will answer any questions you might have about standardized tests and college admissions In our upcoming webinar in collaboration with the test prep experts at ArborBridge.


  • The Digital SATs, and what that means for international families
  • Updates to standardized testing requirements to college admissions
  • The implication of test-optional policies
  • How applicants can stand out in the current competitive environment

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Erica Sin

Erica Sin

Director of Tutoring of ArborBridge

Erica Sin brings global expertise to her work, empowering families all over the world with customized preparation programs that fit the needs of students from all educational and cultural backgrounds. With over a decade of experience in standardized testing, she now serves as Director of Tutoring at ArborBridge, a firm specializing in one-on-one, online tutoring for US standardized exams. Erica graduated with her B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles, and also played and coached rugby for over a decade.

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